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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility


Glass recycle

Huaxing intensifies its effort in recycling glass and the utilization of alternative materials so as to fulfill the goal of energy conservation, consumption reduction and bringing about a green economy. In 2014, we have recycled and utilized a total of 1 million tons’ of broken glass.


Clean energy

Huaxing applies natural gas-the world’s mainstream clean energy as its main production fuel;  
We recycle the industrial waste water upon standard treatment, which leads to zero emission. Our sanitary waste water will be integrated into the municipal pipe network upon treatment or will be used as water for afforestation upon treatment. 
Standard (PH:6-9; color ≤30;BOD5≤20mg/L; total coliform ≤ 3/L);  
The first Chinese enterprise that applies denitration process on smoke from daily glass kilns;   
Apply cogeneration and photovoltaic power generation (in experiment) to reduce energy consumption;



Staff welfare

Our staff are entitled to endowment insurance, medical insurance, work-related injury insurance, maternity insurance, unemployment insurance, accumulation fund, paid annual leave, and year-end bonus;   
Expense on accommodation, meal, communication and fuel subsidy;   
We offer presents to our staff on their birthdays, the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, International Women's Day, Mid-autumn Festival, etc.; 
We organize the Karaoke contest, workers ' sports meeting, Mid-Autumn evening, large romantic party and other activities.
Now our company has more than 50 mass organizations, in which our employees can take part freely and can receive subsidy from the company;   
Staff in difficulties may apply for aid from the mutual fund.


Community activities

We sponsor and support the Filial Piety Cultural Festival organized by the local government once a year;  
Organize our staff to involve extensively in the economic and cultural construction and charity activities of the community; 
Our company’s Party branch plans, organizes and participates in all the volunteer and support activities of the community.