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Technic Leade

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Lean production

Huaxing has been regarding quality as its lifeline. Our quality management system that involves the efforts of all our staffs accelerates the standard operation and our product quality is guaranteed through strict control of process quality.

In terms of material inspection, we have the only laboratory that has presently received national approval in the same sector and that can carry out accurate testing on glass elements and colors.   

To upgrade our molding level, we have grasped the most cutting-edge bottle manufacturing technology of China and are equipped with complete automatic equipment.

With regard to the inspection of finished products, we have introduced the world’s most advanced automatic testing facilities that can carry out all-round automatic online testing on products. The adoption of the MPCS system effectively upgrades our capacity in quality summary and analysis.

Huaxing is highly automated in the process of packing.

For storage, we exercise the management on bar code scanning for incoming and outgoing products and on the SPA system, which bring about fewer personal errors and higher operation efficiency.

We also explore more eco-friendly ways of operation. We have been putting recycled glass and alternative materials into extensive use and reducing energy consumption and the discharge of three wastes (waste gas, waste water, industrial residue). This is our way of achieving environmental protection.

We strive to create more reassuring experience, that is, we implement strict food safety management system and turn out glass containers that are safe, green and environmental-friendly in the real sense.

R&D strength

Research and innovation are the source for Huaxing to take the lead in the industry. While keeping improving the ability in independent innovation, we strive to bring about a global synergetic R&D system, give full play to our original innovation, integrated innovation, introduction, assimilation and re-innovation and to enable our technology to remain the first-rate in China and take the lead in the world.

We have around 500 senior engineers, professional product designers, and senior and middle-ranking management and technical personnel. Highly efficient team and vigorous scientific research cooperation and exchange greatly contribute to our leading role in technology in the same industry.

Core technology

Established our independent research center and have many experts in the glass sector;  

Adopted the Triple-gob Press Blow production technology which has been widely applied in the world and taken the lead in China;

In March 2007, we introduced the NNPB technology and independently innovated the technology for NNPB light-weight bottle. We are the first Chinese enterprise in producing the I.S.machine.  

In the design process, we adopt the stress analysis system to optimize the bottle shape design as well as the CAEmould forming process and other advanced approaches to raise the design quality and efficiency. 

Introduced and applied the one-machine double-variety servo loading system, the automatic granulating system for mixed batch and other modern production equipment. 

Automatic equipment

Several large automatic control kilns with annual output of 100,000 tons; 

More than 100 full-automatic bottle production lines that exercise intelligent automation and control throughout the entire production process such as batching, melting, moulding, annealing, inspection and packing and which plays a leading role in the same sector of China; 

Introduced the cutting-edge kiln design technology from Germany which alters the traditional kiln structure, upgrades the combustion efficiency and reduces the emission of nitrogen oxide;  

We have entered into technical cooperation with experts of Tsinghua University to develop the intelligent analysis and control system for kilns and to raise the operation efficiency of kilns.