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Company Profile

     HX glass was founded in 1987, an integrated container glass manufacturing enterprise that covers glass packaging product and equipment, R&D, Production, Product further-processing, sales and service. With 35 years’ development, we already have 15 fully-owned sub companies and 1 glass Machinery Company. Headquartered in FoShan City, with 8.267 Billion RMB total asset, 10K employees and more than 4 Million tons annual production capacity. Our clients have covered 5 continents and more than 100 countries all over the world, annual revenue is 8.4 Billion RMB and domestic market share is 20% . HX glass is already the leading enterprise of domestic glass bottles/jars industry.
     HX insist on intelligence development and Tech R&D and implementation, constantly bring in high-level intelligence,  we insist intelligence -oriented, pay attention to talent ", and strive to build a "high, fine, sharp" management and technical personnel team for the enterprise.
     HX glass is the 1st one that learned computer-monitored triple-gob glass producing technology, NNPB and product light-weight, etc. Using advanced Furnace computer self-monitoring system and product auto- inspection system, furnace electrical/gas heating auto-control and cold-end coating tech, we can make Cosmetics, High Flint, Domestic Common Flint, Semi-High Flint, Emerald Green and amber color products. Packaging bottles with 8 major categories(Food, Beverage, Seasoning, Fitness, Liquor, Pharma, Cosmetics, Further-processing products, etc.)More than 11K types of glass bottles and jars. Market have reach Hong Kong/Macao, Southeast Asia, US, Canada etc.
     HX glass owns 2 state-Class laboratories and 1 regional-class Tech center and 1 Artisan's workshop. Product recipe, Manufacturing technique, light-weight technique all far ahead within the industry.
     HX built up advanced digitalized equipment and management system through the cooperation with Siemens, achieved visualization of the production cycle management, data integration, standardized process flow, scientific analysis, Knowledgebase management and Full value period management. We planned to reach Industry 3.5  at 2025, build HX as the beacon factory of the industry. On the other hand, Siemens shall support HX to build Corporate-level Smart decision system XHQ, Furnace simulation system, High-level Production arrangement APS, Corporate R&D management system and laboratory management system, etc. Further improving the completion of the factory digitalization and integration. Ramming foundation for stepping to Digitalized production.