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Luocun Village, a small town in South China has started to produce glass ware since the 18th century.
In the 1980s, Huaxing Glass Company was founded here in this place.
Over the years, we have been carrying forward the glass industry of our hometown which lasted for over a hundred years. Now we have been taking the lead in the same industry of China.


We boast the first national laboratory of China’s glass manufacturing industry.
We have modern production facilities and production technologies. Our company is equipped with complete range of high-tech automatic production facilities, such as automatic bottle inspection machine and automatic bottle filling machine. Besides, we have grasped many core technologies for glass manufacturing, such as NNPB, triple gob, and light weight.
Huaxing has powerful management team, professional R&D team and professional talent team of various levels.


We have been vigorously promoting the utilization of clean energy and made huge investment in improving our sewage treatment system. So far we have obtained the ISO14001 environment management system certification.
We have around 10,000 employees across the world.
We have set up a mutual fund to offer nonreimbursable assistance to employees and their families having difficulties. We have also earnestly taken part in community construction and the dissemination of the culture of filial piety.